Family Portrait Photo Shoot

This gorgeous family were over from Belgium visiting relatives in Romsey and they decided to come in for an impromptu family portrait photo shoot.  We had very little time to plan, which gave the youngsters very little time to object (what is it with gorgeous teenagers who are camera phobic apart from the ubiquitous selfies!).

We only had about an hour and a half in the studio.  As soon as they arrived I whizzed the girls in to my makeup studio, just so I could do a little mini makeover.  I honestly do believe that it is so important to wear the right makeup for your photo shoot, even the lightest touch can enhance you features.  Just think about it even a touch of mascara makes a big difference and it really shows in the final images.

After a lightening fast makeover the fun began in the studio and I captured some individual shots to begin with and then and all sorts of other combinations, so that they have lots of variety to choose from.

I am very lucky my studio is a beautiful large natural light space, which means that I can have lots of different backgrounds and sets already set up so we can quickly move from one to another rather than me having to take down and rebuild my sets every five minutes.

This family photo shoot was such good fun, both the girls managed to find some clothes to try on from my studio wardrobe.  I love seeing the blooming transformation from nervous to becoming a confident models, it’s fantastic!  Both the children really relaxed and really enjoyed themselves. Photo shoots should always be good fun, if you aren’t relaxed and having fun in your photos, it really shows in the final image.

Here are some favourites from the session. I am totally in love with the auburn tints in their hair and the beautiful creamy tones of their skin.  Yes I adore photographing redheads, I so wish I was  redhead.

Mom and children



Family portrait shoot

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