Why are head shots so important?

Chances are that if you are in business you need to have head shot images on your website, for publications, brochures, LinkedIn and all the other social media platforms that you may use.

Representing your business the right way!

You are always representing your business, in the way you dress, your behaviour, what you say and how you appear in images. Often the first time a client a may "see" you is on your website. 

Take a moment to consider whether you would feel confident about dealing with a new supplier who had a really poor sloppy head shot on their website which had been badly taken on an smart phone.

Also think about all the images that you see (or not) on LinkedIn.

A professional head shots shows your current and potential clients that you take pride in yourself and your business.

Getting the most from your personal branding head shots

Corporate head shots do not need to be stiff and formal. Think about how you would like to portray yourself and your business. How would you like to come across to your clients?

We always have a pre-consultation chat prior to your shoot to ask these questions, so that we can tailor your shoot to fit your needs and advise you on what to wear.

Professional hair and make up makes a huge difference to your portraits and is also a fabulous treat!

If you live in Romsey, Winchester or Southampton and need great head shots then do have a look at my headshots portfolio.

Call me to see how I can help you create fabulous business portraits for you.

Head shots sessions start from as little as £75.