Are you scared of having your photograph taken?


Do you have that sinking feeling when someone points a camera at you?

Do you suffer from ‘I hate seeing photo’s of myself’ syndrome?

Do you look at your photos and scrutinise all your flaws, analyse your imperfections, criticise your faults? Do you think you need to lose weight, you are too old, too wrinkly or just simply not photogenic?

Do you try and hide at the back when a group photograph is being taken? Do you immediately tun your face away from a camera? Do you friends and family struggle to get you in photo’s?

Why do photos cause such self-loathing?

I think we can all use a new perspective for looking at ourselves in photos. We need to be kinder to ourselves, next time you look at a photo of yourself keep these three things in mind –

  1. Notice the full you – When you are picking your photo to pieces you are only focusing on one part of the whole. Look at the whole of you and notice the things that you do like and concentrate on those, don’t be afraid to compliment yourself.
  2. No one is looking at your images as closely as you are!  No one is even noticing half of the things that you are seeing about yourself.
  3. Think about your experience – How were you feeling at the time your photo was being taken, where were you, who were you with, who was making you laugh, etc.

I truly believe that there is no such thing as an un-photogenic person, there are just bad photographs. Photos that were taken in poor light, badly posed and the list goes on.

What if I could help you take better photo’s of yourself?

I would love for everyone to look gorgeous and feel great about their photo’s, but I know that many of you will still be too scared at the moment to have a professional photo shoot, but what if I could help you to overcome your fears?

I’ve written a short guide that has some simple tips for you to try when you are taking your own selfies.  After reading this guide you will be able to –

  • Strike a natural looking pose, meaning that you will always look your best
  • Find the best natural light, no more really dark blurry images for you!
  • Finally feel confident when someone points a camera at you


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